Re-opening of museums in berlin: cautious art visits

Some Berlin museums have reopened as of May 12. This is a logistical challenge and also not easy to manage economically.

Back of the Haus am Waldsee, in whose garden it is good to wait Photo: Bernd Borchardt

The lockdown has been loosened, with varying speed in the individual federal states. Some galleries and exhibition houses have already reopened in Berlin. In the Haus am Waldsee in Zehlendorf, a plexiglass screen separates the woman at the cash desk from the public. A sign kindly points out that one should please wash one’s hands before visiting the exhibition. Up to four people are allowed in the loosened corona regime in the entrance area, and up to 15 visitors are allowed into the exhibition of the painter Bernhard Martin at the same time.

Revival of the literary quartet: a business revolves around itself

From a marketing perspective, the revival is good for the industry. But it will not help to discuss literature in a differentiated way.

The new edition: Maxim Biller (left), Christine Westermann and Volker Weidermann. Photo: dpa

Hopeful voices can be heard from the publishing scene after the decision to revitalize the "Literary Quartet". There is the press spokeswoman of a medium-sized publishing house, who talks on the phone about a "renaissance of the book. After all, she says, the show has made the public talk about books even more. And there is the editor of another publishing house, who speaks of a "good day for the book industry" in the social media.

After shooting of us congressman: “first pray, then play baseball”.

High-ranking political supporters of the firearms lobby are injured in a shooting near Washington. The perpetrator was killed.

Good guns, bad guns? Scene after the attack at the baseball field Photo: ap

The 154th mass shooting this year in the U.S. did not hit schoolchildren or moviegoers, but high-ranking political supporters of the firearms lobby at baseball practice. In the attack Wednesday morning at a sports field in Alexandria, 10 kilometers as the crow flies from the U.S. Capitol, House Republican caucus leader Steve Scalise was critically wounded with a hip shot. A congressional staffer, a lobbyist and a policewoman were also injured.

Saraya gomis quits: unfortunate departure

Saraya Gomis, anti-discrimination officer for Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD), will no longer be available for the position from 2020.

With passion: Saraya Gomis Photo: Britta Pedersen/dpa

Saraya Gomis doesn’t like it anymore: the anti-discrimination officer of Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) doesn’t want to reapply for the position when her job expires on January 1, 2020. "I did my job with a lot of passion and I am very unhappy to have to take this step," Saraya Gomis told taz on Thursday.

New album by us band protomartyr: threat is in the air

The band Protomartyr releases its album "Ultimate Success Today" – and paints a bleak picture of the USA with jazzed-up postpunk.

Doesn’t look like a joyful meal: Protomartyr with Joe Casey (2nd from left) Photo: Trevor Naud

Detroit can be a depressing place. Though the Midwest metropolis’ resurrected downtown, with its glass facades and flashy plazas, now tells the story of rebuilding, the peace seems deceptive. The social tension and division, the seething, the latent aggression are still tangible. Not only among the numerous, often black homeless, but also among the young people from the poorer classes and the unemployed.

Volvo limits the top speed: it stops at 180 km/h

Car manufacturers have a responsibility, says the head of the company. With this technical limitation, they want to save lives.

Built-in speed limit to save lives: Volvo wants to avoid accidents with this measure Photo: reuters/Bob Strong

A free ride for free citizens? Starting next year, that will no longer be the case on German autobahns – at least not for owners of new Volvo models. In the future, they will have to stop at 180 kilometers per hour. All vehicles delivered from 2020 will be equipped with technical devices that will make higher speeds impossible, Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson announced on Monday.

Shots and deaths in halle: right-wing madness

In Halle, a right-wing extremist tries to storm the synagogue. He shoots a passer-by and a man in a kebab restaurant. He streams the crime live.

Who can keep track here? SEK officers in Halle after the attack Photo: dpa

On the street in front of the synagogue in Halle lies a corpse, covered with a blue cloth, next to it is a black backpack. Shell casings lie on the asphalt. A person is dead, murdered by gunfire. That much is clear on this Wednesday afternoon in Halle. But so much more remains unclear for the time being.

Otto rehhagel talks at schalke: the big sigh of relief

Schalke 04 reaches the Champions League quarterfinals. Felix Magath is nevertheless to be dismissed as quickly as possible, and Otto Rehhagel is being considered as his successor.

Otto Rehhagel in blue and white – but here in the kit of the Greek national coach. Photo: dpa

If Felix Magath were a man with a finer sense of the irony of history, he would have taken a lap of honor after Schalke 04’s 3-1 win over FC Valencia. Just as Ralf Rangnick once did as Schalke’s coach immediately before his dismissal.

Queer and gender criticism at taz.lab: performance art as an experiment

Politics on the human body – re.act.feminism is a current research project that turns feminist performances into immortal art.

The political voice of the body and its movements. Image: dpa

We often encounter the human body in public space as an advertising object. For example, flyers from wellness facilities advertise treatments with names like "Top Renew Rose Body Ritual" and promise anti-aging effects in 90 minutes. Our bodies seem to be mere shells, purged of every feature of differentiability. But then what do these bodies still have to do with us? Weren’t bodies at some point more? Weren’t they – us?