Dance theater at the berlin volksbuhne: one wants to be part of a movement

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker from Brussels has brought out a world premiere in Berlin for the first time: "The Six Brandenburg Concertos".

Musicians and dancers form a protected space on stage. "The Six Brandenburg Concertos," rehearsal photo, 2018 Photo by Anne van Aerschot.

Smart. Casual. Powerful. Sexy? Yes, sexy, too. So they come towards us in their dark suits from the depths of the stage, synchronized steps, even where they hesitate briefly, stopping just short of the ramp, turning a little forward, as if the momentum once set in motion would still want to pull the bodies over the ramp, going back and coming again. One wants to be part of this movement, to be carried along by this group, up and down, up and down.

Symposium on animals and art: posthuman self-discovery

In Berlin’s Sophiensalen, the focus was on the striking accumulation of human-animal encounters in contemporary performances.

Animalistic: "Animal Dances" by Martin Nachbar (2013) Photo: Gerhard F. Ludwig.

A cat lies on a sofa, its front legs dangling relaxed over the backrest. She is watching a "Performance for Pets." Over the past three years, Vienna-based artists* Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey have developed this myth-encircled format (because it is performed exclusively in the private spaces of animals and their caregivers).

Syndikat activists in london: chasing the owners

Four activists from the Syndikat pub travel to London to talk to their landlords. Their goal: a new lease.

London’s most famous pub Photo:

With a list of 4,000 signatures for their stay in the luggage, four activists of the Neukolln pub Syndikat stand on Tuesday in London’s Cavendish Square in front of a new building with the house number 33. Christian, a member of the collective for over eleven years, and his comrades-in-arms visit the owners of their house. They want to talk to the Pears brothers – who own the group of companies of the same name. Because their real estate branch owns more than 6,000 apartments in Germany, especially in Berlin, including the house in Weisestrasse.

Meeting of the brics countries: crash of the up-and-comers

The economic elite of the emerging markets is currently meeting in Dalian, China. This year, the mood is rather gloomy.

The emerging countries, with their hitherto high economic growth, are threatened with a crash. Picture: ap

Unmistakably Li Keqiang gives the attendees to understand: The US Federal Reserve is to blame. The Chinese premier does not explicitly mention the Federal Reserve (Fed), but complains in his speech about the monetary policy of "some countries" and its impact on the rest of the world. The recovery of the industrialized countries should not be at the expense of the others, he said.

Club president martin kind voted out of office: twilight of the gods at hannover 96

Martin Kind is no longer president of Hannover 96. However, he retains the say in the corporation in which professional soccer is spun off.

Martin Kind at the general meeting of Hannover 96 last weekend Photo: dpa

When the count is over, Sebastian Kramer is hugged and hugged every second: The former fan representative will be the next president of Hannover 96. That’s the result of Saturday’s general meeting, which marks the victory of the strong opposition to the club’s previous boss, Martin Kind, and brings with it hopes for more democracy and transparency.

Tax losses due to the corona pandemic: protective shield planned for municipalities

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz plans to relieve municipalities of 57 billion euros. Criticism of the plans comes from the CDU.

Olaf Scholz (SPD) speaks to media representatives at SPD party headquarters Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to stretch a protective umbrella totaling nearly 57 billion euros over Germany’s municipalities by the end of the year. The burden is to be shared by the federal government and the respective responsible states, as reported by the Dusseldorf-based "Rheinische Post" (Saturday) with reference to a concept paper of the Federal Ministry of Finance available to it.

Us federal reserve reacts to trade conflict: interest rate turnaround in the usa

The U.S. economy is weakening due to the trade conflict with China. Now the U.S. Federal Reserve has responded by lowering interest rates. For Trump, that’s not enough.

Oil prices have already fallen – the world market reacts to Powell’s announcements Photo: reuters

For the first time in more than a decade, the U.S. Federal Reserve Fed lowers interest rates again. In explaining its decision to cut the key interest rate by 0.25 percentage points, the Federal Reserve (Fed) referred primarily to the trade conflicts instigated by Trump, which are slowing global economic growth. In particular, the trade dispute between the U.S. and China, the two largest economies, threatens to slow the economy.

Start-up for alcohol-free wine: the white zero

Everyone knows beer without alcohol. But white wine? Now it’s supposed to become hip. On the road with the start-up Kolonne Null in riesling Rudesheim.

They want to "simply make awesome wines": Philipp Roble (right) and his colleague from Kolonne Null Photo: Matthias Neumann

Soft glide through the riparian plains of the Rheingau in a rented Seat SUV. "We just want to make super awesome wines," says Philipp Roble, and I immediately believe him. "But it’s also rad how you’ve managed to get it all down so quickly," I marvel: "Knowing people, selling stuff, knowing wines and all that." "Just get to work! That’s just the start-up mentality. We’re a bit like Tesla, maybe. Right, guys?"

Dispute over nord stream 2: climate killer from the pipe

In the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline, climate protection is a popular argument. But gas is anything but a climate saver.

Construction was still underway – Nord Stream 2 has just been stopped Photo: Anton Vaganov/reutersF

For the operating company Nord Stream 2, everything is clear: Its pipeline "makes a cost-effective contribution to achieving the European Union’s climate protection goals," it says in an official brochure. Gas releases only half as much CO2 as coal in power generation. If transport and extraction are included, "the CO2 savings turn out to be even higher."

State newspaper in myanmar: the man in the clouds

The former propaganda newspaper "Global New Light" is now a mouthpiece for the democratic government. It cannot report freely.

Newspaper vendors in Yangon: State newspapers compete with private media Photo: imago/ZUMA Press

The shiny silver cord of the telephone connects Aye Min Soe with the "Man in the clouds", the man from the clouds. It stands on an oilcloth tablecloth on Aye Min Soe’s desk in the mint-green-painted editorial offices of the Global New Light of Myanmar, the English-language state newspaper that still exists even though Burma has had a democratic government for almost a year.