Why kristina schroder is quitting: escaping into fruit?

Family Minister Kristina Schroder probably doesn’t want to go on: she capitulates to German conditions – and to herself.

Family pushed forward: The Union and its unclear image of family and women are Schroder’s real problem. Image: reuters

Is she out? Our family minister, who has embodied the Union’s contradictions in such an unfortunate way for some time now? The rumor is that Kristina Schroder does not want to become a minister again after the Bundestag elections. Out of consideration for her family. It would be an exit that fits.

Play at kampnagel in hamburg: the ghosts of the past

In his directorial debut "Happy Nightmare", Shahin Sheikho deals with his flight from Syria. Many of the actors have had similar experiences.

Shahin Sheikho fled Syria and has lived in Hamburg since 2016 Photo: Kampnagel

Civil war has been raging in Syria since 2011. Since the first protests in spring 2011 in the course of the Arab Spring. Since then, the country has been in a bloody state of emergency. Currently, the conflict is back in the headlines: Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer recently criticized the invasion of northern Syria by Turkish troops, calling it an annexation. Most recently, she proposed a security zone for the area controlled by the UN force – there is still debate about whether the Bundeswehr will participate.

Wendland activist on the action in hitzacker: “this is all about creating a mood”.

Sixty autonomists stormed a policeman’s property? Not at all, says 74-year-old Hans-Erich Sauerteig, who was also there.

A police evidence and arrest unit. Such a unit was also on duty in Hitzacker Photo: dpa

site: Mr. Sauerteig, since the weekend there has been nationwide outrage over reports that 60 autonomists stormed the private property of a police officer in Hitzacker, in the German state of Wendland, last Friday. You were present at the action – can you confirm the reports?

Representing animal rights in parliament: sustainable has to be learned

Environmental protection and animal welfare are equally important. But they are too rarely represented politically. Here are some tips on how you can get involved.

Demonstration for more animal protection at the World Animal Protection Day on 4.10.2020 Photo: Jorg Carstensen/dpa

The environment is going down the drain, climate change seems to be rolling inexorably toward us like an avalanche, and humanity itself is to blame. We can simply wait fatalistically for the end of the world, or we can do something anyway: Animal and environmental protection are not so difficult, to integrate consciousness for it in the everyday life, should really create each:r.

Re-opening of museums in berlin: cautious art visits

Some Berlin museums have reopened as of May 12. This is a logistical challenge and also not easy to manage economically.

Back of the Haus am Waldsee, in whose garden it is good to wait Photo: Bernd Borchardt

The lockdown has been loosened, with varying speed in the individual federal states. Some galleries and exhibition houses have already reopened in Berlin. In the Haus am Waldsee in Zehlendorf, a plexiglass screen separates the woman at the cash desk from the public. A sign kindly points out that one should please wash one’s hands before visiting the exhibition. Up to four people are allowed in the loosened corona regime in the entrance area, and up to 15 visitors are allowed into the exhibition of the painter Bernhard Martin at the same time.

Constitutional complaint in norway: partial success for the climate

Norway must take into account "exported climate gas emissions" from oil and gas production. Greenpeace and Co hope for more.

Oil field in the North Sea Photo: Scanpix/reuters

"Even though the lawsuit was rejected, we have come a really big step closer to a victory," says Helga Lerkelund of the Norwegian nature conservation association Naturvernforbundet. At noon on Thursday, the "Borgarting lagmannsrett" in Oslo announced the appeal verdict in a constitutional dispute that is basically about the question of what responsibility the Norwegian state has for the effects of the country’s oil and gas production on the global climate.

Symposium on animals and art: posthuman self-discovery

In Berlin’s Sophiensalen, the focus was on the striking accumulation of human-animal encounters in contemporary performances.

Animalistic: "Animal Dances" by Martin Nachbar (2013) Photo: Gerhard F. Ludwig.

A cat lies on a sofa, its front legs dangling relaxed over the backrest. She is watching a "Performance for Pets." Over the past three years, Vienna-based artists* Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey have developed this myth-encircled format (because it is performed exclusively in the private spaces of animals and their caregivers).

Club president martin kind voted out of office: twilight of the gods at hannover 96

Martin Kind is no longer president of Hannover 96. However, he retains the say in the corporation in which professional soccer is spun off.

Martin Kind at the general meeting of Hannover 96 last weekend Photo: dpa

When the count is over, Sebastian Kramer is hugged and hugged every second: The former fan representative will be the next president of Hannover 96. That’s the result of Saturday’s general meeting, which marks the victory of the strong opposition to the club’s previous boss, Martin Kind, and brings with it hopes for more democracy and transparency.

Tax losses due to the corona pandemic: protective shield planned for municipalities

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz plans to relieve municipalities of 57 billion euros. Criticism of the plans comes from the CDU.

Olaf Scholz (SPD) speaks to media representatives at SPD party headquarters Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to stretch a protective umbrella totaling nearly 57 billion euros over Germany’s municipalities by the end of the year. The burden is to be shared by the federal government and the respective responsible states, as reported by the Dusseldorf-based "Rheinische Post" (Saturday) with reference to a concept paper of the Federal Ministry of Finance available to it.