Kremlin critic alexei navalny in berlin: the russian patient

The Russian oppositionist Nawalny was spied on before he collapsed. Now doctors in Berlin are dealing with the case.

First results are expected on Monday at the earliest Photo: dpa

Walks along the waterfront in Tomsk, swimming laps in the Tom River in the village of Kaftanchikovo, sushi from a delivery service, juices and water from a store that sells mostly alcohol: The journalists of the Moscow tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets recounted in detail over the weekend the Siberia service trip that Alexei Navalny made in the days leading up to his serious illness. They said they had the information about it from "our law enforcement sources." They did not question the spying on the Russian Kremlin critic.

Column press beat: the people want – yes, what actually?

AfD deputy leader Alexander Gauland is said to have claimed that "the people" don’t want to live next door to soccer player Jerôme Boateng. Who exactly are they supposed to be?

The Dscherohm is popular with old and young, which is why this is all very surprising Photo: dpa

Whether Alexander Gauland is a soccer fan is not known. In terms of his habitus, he should probably pick up a volume of Schiller’s works rather than the remote control to watch a match of the German national soccer team. Nevertheless, soccer is now the big thing, and not just for the AfD politician from Brandenburg. The European Championship in France is coming up. And suddenly the spotlight is on a player who should be pretty baffled by this.

Queer and gender criticism at taz.lab: performance art as an experiment

Politics on the human body – re.act.feminism is a current research project that turns feminist performances into immortal art.

The political voice of the body and its movements. Image: dpa

We often encounter the human body in public space as an advertising object. For example, flyers from wellness facilities advertise treatments with names like "Top Renew Rose Body Ritual" and promise anti-aging effects in 90 minutes. Our bodies seem to be mere shells, purged of every feature of differentiability. But then what do these bodies still have to do with us? Weren’t bodies at some point more? Weren’t they – us?

Power column: beautiful, simple mythmaking

Charlottesville and the kitsch of history: The U.S. Civil War was not initially about abolishing slavery at all.

Not Orry Maine, but General Robert E. Lee. Statue, Charlottesville Photo: ap

As is well known, it is the victors of historical conflicts who write history. The modern keyword is interpretive sovereignty. However, this does not mean the same thing as truth or justice, as is currently evident in the controversy over the correct view of the US Civil War.

Pc game “civilization: beyond earth”: taz civilization in the afterlife

"Beyond Earth" is the name of the latest sequel to the classic PC game "Civilization". We once tried to play along as taz.

Overview is elsewhere. This was also not intended in the editorial statute. Image: 2k games

After 218 turns it’s over. The Slavic Federation has attacked from the east and conquered a city. Meanwhile, our capital Le Coeur is attacked by Polystralia and taken with only little resistance. That’s it for the settlement project taz, which is called Franco-Iberia in the PC game "Civilization: Beyond Earth" (renaming is not possible). 218 of 500 turns survived under adverse conditions – that’s not bad. But dead is dead.

About stumbling in everyday life: small craters in the asphalt

Those who stumble always experience a little more freedom than those who hurry straight to their destination. Time to deal with the bumps in your own path.

Those who stumble in everyday life always experience a little more freedom Photo: imago

So it takes a pandemic for the columnist to wonder why her column is actually called "Pothole." In a little digital tête-a-tête, we columnists got to talking for the first time about why this column is not called "The Word of the Week.

War in yemen: un special envoy resigns from post

Top diplomat Jamal Benomar will no longer be in charge of Yemen. The United Nations plans to announce a successor soon.

Resigns: Jamal Benomar. Picture: dpa

In the midst of the bloody power struggle over Yemen, the responsible UN special envoy Jamal Benomar resigns from office. The United Nations made the announcement on Wednesday. Benomar had expressed interest in a new assignment after four years, it said. His successor will be announced soon, he said. Because of a lack of progress in efforts to find a peace solution for embattled Yemen, criticism of Benomar had recently been voiced, especially from Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s northern neighbor.