Syndikat activists in london: chasing the owners

Four activists from the Syndikat pub travel to London to talk to their landlords. Their goal: a new lease.

London’s most famous pub Photo:

With a list of 4,000 signatures for their stay in the luggage, four activists of the Neukolln pub Syndikat stand on Tuesday in London’s Cavendish Square in front of a new building with the house number 33. Christian, a member of the collective for over eleven years, and his comrades-in-arms visit the owners of their house. They want to talk to the Pears brothers – who own the group of companies of the same name. Because their real estate branch owns more than 6,000 apartments in Germany, especially in Berlin, including the house in Weisestrasse.

State newspaper in myanmar: the man in the clouds

The former propaganda newspaper "Global New Light" is now a mouthpiece for the democratic government. It cannot report freely.

Newspaper vendors in Yangon: State newspapers compete with private media Photo: imago/ZUMA Press

The shiny silver cord of the telephone connects Aye Min Soe with the "Man in the clouds", the man from the clouds. It stands on an oilcloth tablecloth on Aye Min Soe’s desk in the mint-green-painted editorial offices of the Global New Light of Myanmar, the English-language state newspaper that still exists even though Burma has had a democratic government for almost a year.

Shooting of refugees: why is everyone so quiet?

Turkish border guards allegedly killed Syrian refugees. Many German politicians remain silent about it. And Frauke Petry is triumphant.

Turkish border guards on patrol at the border with Iraq Photo: dpa

On the video published by the Human Rights Watch (HRW), corpses can be seen. Their faces are pixelated, but their wounds and blood are clearly visible. They are believed to have died at the Turkish-Syrian border – shot or beaten to death by Turkish border guards. The organization has spoken to victims and witnesses. In total, five asylum seekers and smugglers were reportedly killed and 14 others seriously injured on the border strip in March and April, including children. The border is becoming increasingly dangerous and is often completely sealed, HRW writes.

New novel by t. C. Boyle: he wants a cheeseburger

Do monkeys have a sense of humor? That’s what T. C. Boyle, the California king of clever conversation, explores in his new novel, "Talk to Me."

Seems to be a fan of Jane Goodall: T.C. Boyle Photo: Britta Pedersen/dpa

One feels directly ashamed of his genre when thinking back to the time T. Boyle refers to at the beginning of his new novel "Talk to Me." A time when chimps were dressed in shirts and ties, put a fag in their mouths and donned sunglasses to be paraded on the talk show "Ronny’s Pop Show" for the laughs in between.

Column german angst: red carpet for the nazis in kothen

On Sunday, right-wing extremists walked through Kothen again. But instead of opposing the Nazis, many just close their eyes.

Nearly 1,400 right-wingers took to the streets in Kothen on Sunday Photo: dpa

Yes, I was in Kothen before Sunday. There I visited a Russian acquaintance at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. At that university of applied sciences, which now warned its students to go to the city on Sunday. Even an emergency hotline was set up for. Right-wingers or Nazis were not mentioned, only "potentially dangerous demonstrations". The students will have understood.

Column german angst: europe, only almost tangible

The further I get away from Europe, the closer it gets to me. Europe, that is queues of varying speed at entry.

My EU passport is repeatedly taken out of my hand by acquaintances in Eastern Europe Photo: dpa

When I think about my relationship with Europe, I think about two experiences in particular. Experiences that I have had outside the EU. Beyond the Schengen Wall, but in regions that have long been counted as part of Europe and where many see themselves as Europeans. These are experiences that I have only had as an observer. Because I have a good passport. A premium EU passport. A burgundy one with golden letters.

Queer and gender criticism at taz.lab: performance art as an experiment

Politics on the human body – re.act.feminism is a current research project that turns feminist performances into immortal art.

The political voice of the body and its movements. Image: dpa

We often encounter the human body in public space as an advertising object. For example, flyers from wellness facilities advertise treatments with names like "Top Renew Rose Body Ritual" and promise anti-aging effects in 90 minutes. Our bodies seem to be mere shells, purged of every feature of differentiability. But then what do these bodies still have to do with us? Weren’t bodies at some point more? Weren’t they – us?