Start-up for alcohol-free wine: the white zero

Everyone knows beer without alcohol. But white wine? Now it’s supposed to become hip. On the road with the start-up Kolonne Null in riesling Rudesheim.

They want to "simply make awesome wines": Philipp Roble (right) and his colleague from Kolonne Null Photo: Matthias Neumann

Soft glide through the riparian plains of the Rheingau in a rented Seat SUV. "We just want to make super awesome wines," says Philipp Roble, and I immediately believe him. "But it’s also rad how you’ve managed to get it all down so quickly," I marvel: "Knowing people, selling stuff, knowing wines and all that." "Just get to work! That’s just the start-up mentality. We’re a bit like Tesla, maybe. Right, guys?"

Commentary anti-racist protest: the hour of civil society

The opposition triggered by the shift to the right is getting louder and louder. The vast majority of people in the country want to keep it open.

The demonstrators in Hamburg wanted to show how many people agree that racism is unacceptable Photo: Imago/ZUMA Press

It’s a paradox: the solidarity movement is stronger than ever. Arguably 25,000 people responded to a call from refugee groups on Saturday, demonstrating against closure and for a yes to migration. There have already been major actions against the right in this country – but none that were initiated by refugees themselves. And their action is part of a series of large-scale protests against a radical European policy of isolation and right-wing agitation that began in June and is now set to continue on October 13 with the #unteilbar demonstration. This time of total closure is also a great hour for civil society.

Shots and deaths in halle: right-wing madness

In Halle, a right-wing extremist tries to storm the synagogue. He shoots a passer-by and a man in a kebab restaurant. He streams the crime live.

Who can keep track here? SEK officers in Halle after the attack Photo: dpa

On the street in front of the synagogue in Halle lies a corpse, covered with a blue cloth, next to it is a black backpack. Shell casings lie on the asphalt. A person is dead, murdered by gunfire. That much is clear on this Wednesday afternoon in Halle. But so much more remains unclear for the time being.