Lax handling of corona danger: a bit of fun

The holy trinity of church, clubs and Corona is currently making headlines. Ruthlessness is deep in the DNA of all three.

In MY bathtub I am captain! Photo: Eventpress/picture alliance

It is not only the slaughterhouses of the pig, but also those of the Lord, where ideal conditions for a well-groomed superspreading can be found. Thus, services in Frankfurt am Main and Bremerhaven have led to more than 250 new infections of Covid-19 so far. In some cases, the obligation to wear masks was not observed, and singing also took place.

And yet, after various incidents in choirs, we know that even with conscientious adherence to the rules, there simply does not seem to be a "plausible hygiene concept" for singing in enclosed spaces, which the mayor of Bremerhaven nevertheless rants about long after the child has fallen into the aerosol-filled well. Surely the Christians thought that the Lord Jesus would protect them. This Professor Drosten makes a sympathetic impression, but he can’t know everything either.

Speaking of Jesus. On Pentecost Sunday, he could have jogged dry-footed across Berlin’s Landwehr Canal. Thousands of clubbers gathered there for a rubber dinghy demonstration against the threat of club death. Tightly packed, no masks, few clothes, zero distance between the boats, a raucous corona party under the unofficial motto: "Your health is our death!"

Anyone who lives at Schlesisches Tor and wants to sleep at night knows enough of this bullshit mentality. Where people are on the road, whose empathic horizon ends spatially and intellectually at the limits of their own person, but temporally rarely before eight o’clock in the morning, other people are left with only the choice between escape, madness and despair.

God or pills

At least the former option is denied to the patients of Urban Hospital, in front of which said epidemic riot celebrated its conclusion. They are tied to their beds there, while outside their windows the Gottseibeiuns armada is booming. Party, party, party!!! I mean, ey, why are they sick, it’s nice weather, lol, just party along!

I mean, ey, why are they sick, it’s nice weather, lol, just party along!

Some take pills, others take God. Some are young, others are old, at least in the head. Both camps seem to have in common the firm knowledge of their own invulnerability and a mission that is superior to everything else, which requires ruthlessness toward outsiders – one could also say: toward community interests. For it is about something higher. What is higher, of course, is always determined by them. Stupidity and hubris rule here as well as there.

But now society is blowing a lot of headwind into their faces, the ravers as well as the Christians. The organizers of "Rebellion of the Dreamers", as the organizers call themselves with involuntary foresight, have contritely admitted mistakes and naivety. As if they didn’t know what a formidable bunch of asses they traditionally lead in tow. This reminds of the owner of a mastino-werewolf mongrel, whose darling "only wanted to play" after all.

The crisis team in Bremerhaven is now warning against discrimination against believers. But then perhaps the ladies and gentlemen of the faith could also behave accordingly – God would certainly find that quite dope about "love your neighbor" and so on.

And please leave this medieval stuff behind, according to which God punishes the unbelievers and spares the believers. That is not scientific. The earth is not a disk and the virus is not transmitted by the devil, but by singing Christian songs. But what is the difference?

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